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Digitalization. Digital transformation, technologies, economy. Briefly - creating new companies and new business models that could not have existed, or transforming existing to remain competitive in our digitized world. Digital economy. More advanced and complex than the internet economy, it harnesses multiple advanced technologies and new technology platforms (the internet of things, big data, advanced analytics, wireless networks, mobile devices and social media) to rework traditional strategies of marketing, management and selling the product. Being able to innovate. Content rental shops (f.e. Blockbuster) that did not adopt streaming technologies quickly enough shuttered their operations. The taxi industry is now struggling to compete for customers who find Uber and Lyft easier to use. Digital transformation enables an organization to better compete in an economic landscape that's constantly changing as technology evolves.

Schedule & Agenda - Interactive Skill Seminars, prepared by our corporate partners to share their best practices and experiences on digital economy. They will provide practical examples to support participants in developing their skills and knowledge. - Real-life business cases in connection with the topic of the Conference and with the attendees invited for case cracking in groups. While working on the solution, students receive assistance by corporate mentors to assure a more convenient and thorough information flow.

Networking opportunity - Rotation Dinner with our Corporate Partners. You will have a unique chance to have a chat with representatives from the most successful global companies.

Social Activities. As a CEMS event would not be the same without its social happenings, we planned it so that you leave the conference with new friends. From breakfast to dinners, cocktails to night outs and day-long socializing, you will remember the V4 Conference not only for gaining ‘digital experience’, but as one of the most exciting events of the year.

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Wiktoria Gierlak General Manager e-mail: recruitment @cemsv4.com
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